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7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters Make

No matter your level of ability, you’re bound to make mistakes from time to time, and all you can do is learn from them — or better yet, laugh at them! Here, we’ve acknowledged the seven deadly sins all crafters are guilty of committing when getting creative, and suggest ways you can avoid these awful incidents reoccurring in the future.

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters Make

1. Sticky situation

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters MakeSo you’ve made some pretty toppers to fix to your greeting, but you’ve added a little more glue than necessary… sound familiar? This is one mistake we’re probably all guilty of committing more than once, so try to remember that a little glue can go a long way!TIP: If your motifs are fairly intricate, use a cocktail stick to fix them into place on a thin layer of glue

2. Painter’s problem

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters Make

Credit: Penguins With Paintbrushes

If you enjoy a spot of painting, you’ve probably accumulated many brushes over the years, but can you still use all of them? A quick wash under the tap isn’t always enough. Without proper care the brush heads can stiffen, making them difficult to work with.TIP: Make paintbrushes last longer by soaking the bristles in fabric softener or conditioner

3. Not so clingy

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters Make

Credit: Sweet Stamp Shop

If there is even a tiny bit of dust or oil from your fingers on your cling stamp, it can stop it from sticking to an acrylic block.TIP: Wash both your stamp and block with mild soapy water. Dry thoroughly and test again

4. Ink pad incident

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters MakeInk pads are cheap to buy and easy to use, but they like to be treated kindly. If they’re not, you may open your drawer to find fluid seeping out that’s likely to stain TIP: Avoid storing them upside down. Always place them upright.

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5. Scrappy nightmare

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters Make

Credit: The Running Start

So you’re making a scrapbook for a loved one, and find a box full of original wedding and holiday snaps — bingo! Adding to this album has just got a whole lot easier, right? You then stick them in place and decorate the pages with pretty embellishments, and it hits you… these images can never be used again!TIP: ALWAYS make and use copies and keep the originals!

6. Motif overload

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters MakeThere’s nothing better than having a stash full of beautiful embellishments ready to use, and when it comes to decorating your next project you subconsciously find a way of using ALL of them. Remember that less is more, crafters!TIP: Try not to go overboard, as too much glitz may distract from your main element.

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7. Die-lemma

7 Common Mistakes All Papercrafters Make

Credit: TODO Machine, £299.99, Create and Craft

It’s almost every papercrafter’s dream to own a die cutting machine, but with many different types on the market, it can be difficult to know which one would best suit your style of crafting. The next thing you know, it’s barely been taken out of the box because it wasn’t what you were looking for. Check what each model has to offer and see if it lives up to your personal requirements.TIP: If you love co-ordinating stamps with dies, a manual machine is a great choice. Or, if you find yourself needing a certain motif, want to make your own or like fast access to designs, opt for digital.


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