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7 Reasons Why Knitted Pets are the Best


Here’s why we think that animals are just as amazing in woollen form!

We all love our pets, don’t we? They keep us company, they give great cuddles and they’re always there to check if we need any help finishing our dinner. How kind! Here at LK we’re massive animal lovers, but as knitters, we’re always looking for new projects – and we’ve discovered just how adorable knitted pets can be. Read on to find out why we think they’re amazing!

1. They don’t molt
You’ll never have to worry about picking hairs off your favourite coat again!

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2. They don’t claim your property as their own
Knitted pets won’t assume all new items are actually presents for them.

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3. They don’t answer back
Knitted pets won’t be upset when you refuse to share your dinner with them.

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4. They’re great cuddlers
And they’ll never be in a bad mood so you can have as many cuddles as you please!

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5. They’re great bed-sharing pals

They won’t wake you up with a paw to the face or an abrupt bark at nothing.

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6. You can dress them up without feeling guilty
They’ll love the knitted costumes you make them and they’ll adore looking rather dapper!

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7. They’re kid-friendly

They don’t mind having their tail pulled or their fur stroked backwards- perfect!

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Agree? Share your photos of your knitted pets on our social media! Try knitting our gorgeous Snuggle Buddies or Playtime Pups set if you’re wanting some knitted pets of your very own!

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