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12 Reasons Knitters Should Rule The Country

It’s true. We should.

When you learn to knit you also learn a plethora of other life skills. All of which would make us brilliant leaders of the land.

We believe in education


There’s nothing we knitters love more than introducing knitting to the younger generation. Bring back knitting in schools, that’s what we say!


We can bring people together


Yarn bombs are rarely the work of just one person. In fact, they’re the perfect example of the old adage, many hands make light work! That’s team work, that is.


We can withstand difficult/idiotic questioning


Such questions include, “Why don’t you buy it?”, “Aren’t you too young to knit?” and “Why are you knitting if you’re not pregnant?”


We can help those in need


From newborns and new mums to pets and people less fortunate, knitters can lend a crafty hand in all areas.

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We understand the role of small businesses in supporting the economy


We love independent retailers, especially if they sell yarn and other craft supplies. Find out just how much we value them at


We’re good at persevering through trying times


That moss stitch blanket for our new king size bed may take years to finish, but complete it we will.


We can make tough decisions


Alpaca or wool, alpaca or wool, wool or alpaca, wool or alpaca…


We can manage a budget – most of the time


There are yarns for all occasions. And by occasions we mean, just after pay day, the middle of the month, and when we’re raiding the bargain bin.


We can delegate tasks


For example: “Janet, please sew together this 172 square blanket.”


We love renewable resources


Namely sheep, alpacas, angora goats, cashmere goats, angora rabbits, camels, yaks, musk ox and llamas.


We appreciate international trade


Bergere de France, Katia, Drops, Rico and Phildar all come from Europe, while Manos, Mirasol, Malabrigo and Red Heart come to our stash from the Americas. Yay for them all!


We’ve got great defences


Trust us, we know which is the pointy end and we know how to use it. But only if the defence of the realm requires it, of course.

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