Rudy the Reindeer Knit Kit (600g)


Rudy the Reindeer Knit Kit (600g)



  • 6x 100g DK acrylic yarn
  • Includes pattern to make your own knitted Rudy Reindeer
  • Includes 6 gorgeous shades
  • Includes bamboo knitting needles & crochet hook




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Create your classic Christmas character, Rudy the Reindeer with our amazing 600g yarn kit! Rudy is sure to be the stand-out
knit at your Christmas celebrations for years to come. This kit comes with your pattern instructions, from Steffi Dobbertin that are simple and easy to follow.

This kit contains:

200g Beige yarn
100g Red yarn
100g Green yarn
100g Purple yarn
100g  White yarn

Bamboo Knitting Needle
Metal Crochet Hook

Handmade with Love Labels

You will need:
Tapestry Needle

Essential Info:
Rudy measures approx 55cm.