50 Toys to Sew Homemaker


50 Toys to Sew Homemaker


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  • Includes 2 Sewing Craft Kits!
  • Make Emily the Owl
  • Sew your own Doggie Doorstop


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Welcome to 50 Toys to Sew! Handmade toys will always hold a special place in the hearts of children and adults alike, and this adorable collection of makes to sew will have you reaching for your needle and thread before you even get to the end! Packed full of stitching tips and fabric ideas, we’ve also included handy technique pages ideal for beginners, so you can get crafting these cute creations even if you’re a novice.

Whether you’re looking to make a cuddly animal companion, a ragdoll to dress up or a traditional style teddy bear, we’ve got it all and more – we’ve even come up with a selection of games to sew, including Baby Stacking Rings, Noughts and Crosses, and a Snakes and Ladders Playmat. Not only would all of our toys make perfect gifts, they’re also excellent stashbusters – although don’t worry if you haven’t got any fabric in – you can always make a start on our fabulous kit projects.

When you’re all toyed out, turn to our bonus section, where you’ll find our wonderful accessories for kids, including cushions, bunting, bags, baby sets and more.

We hope you enjoy making these marvellous projects as much as we’ve enjoyed putting them together. For more information on techniques, including a sewing machine

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