Soul & Spirit My Angel Diary 2017

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Soul & Spirit My Angel Diary 2017

  • Written by best-selling author Jenny Smedley
  • 162 page 2017 diary
  • A message from the angels on every page
  • Angel Illustrations
  • Real-life angel stories
  • Reminders of special dates

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£4.99 £2.50

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Featuring best-selling author Jenny Smedley

This beautiful diary, featuring best-selling author Jenny Smedley, provides ample space to note down your personal appointments and thoughts, as well as advice and techniques for those who wish to connect to angels.

Including jenny’s wise words on how to feel more confident, encourage positive energies and combat fear, the diary also offers a definitive focus for each month of the year.

Stunning illustrations of angels, also by Jenny, feature throughout, as well as real-life angel stories to inspire and reminders of special dates.

Travelling through the year with this diary in your hand, will enable you to also travel alongside angels, with specially channelled words direct from the angel source to guide you.