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My Creative Journal

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Welcome to Your Creative Journal – a how-to guide to making the most of your new hobby. Journalling is great fun. Not only does it keep you organised, but you can get as artistic as you want to with it, personalising your pages with your own designs, and embellishing with anything that catches your eye.

The following pages will help you learn how to set up your journal, and give inspiration and advice on what you might like to include. If you struggle with drawing, turn to page 8 where you’ll find ideas on getting arty, while we’ve also got advice on how and why you should get writing on page 10.

STAEDTLER’s product selection will help you take your journaling to the next level. We’ve also got some ideas for added extras to expand on your creative skills – after all, getting crafty is the perfect way to get some much-needed R+R into your life.

Your kit includes:

– 164 page planner
– 229 to-do stickers
– 4 free Staedtler Pens in 4 different colours
– 20 page guide
– 1 Gold Glitter Washi Tape
– 5 Gold star Paper Clips

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